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PhD student at Cambridge. Interested in local context and global affairs and the crossroads and misinterpretations between them.

Navigating expat-aidland

Originally posted on aliesrijper:
In expat-aidland, you save Africa during and week and get absolutely wasted in the weekend. Now, I do like a good party myself. I was going to say “but there are boundaries” (and I know this…

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A Feminist Response to the Swimsuit Debate

Comments are closed on this post over at Aid Watch (a great blog which has also closed), where I was redirected after I curiously followed a link that someone clicked on to find my blog. I wanted to make a comment in response … Continue reading

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6 Ways Congo Wins

I’ve seen a few stories in the news the past few years that proclaim the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to be the worst country in the world for fill-in-the-blank. Indeed, in 2011 DRC ranked last in UNDP’s Human Development Index (though … Continue reading

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When Satirists Make Better Intellectuals Than Scientists

Recently a friend of mine (hat-tip to @dalliasd) tweeted this opinion piece by Glenn Greenwald over at The Guardian. The piece was a reaction to the stances of Sam Harris, a neuroscientist and popular public intellectual, on Islam. I won’t … Continue reading

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Mixed Messages From M23

This morning I noticed a couple of stories in the news, regarding the decision to deploy a UN-approved military intervention brigade in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo: AFP: “Rebels in DR Congo say UN peace brigade move is ‘war’”: … Continue reading

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We Are Red Macaws

I’ve been doing a very dorky thing lately. I’ve been listening to anthropology lectures while walking around Cambridge, and deliberately walking rather than cycling so I have more listening time (and because I’m too nervous to listen to my iPod … Continue reading

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#SudanRevolts: Why Now?

I’ve written a number of posts in the last month or so, for UN Dispatch, about the protests in Khartoum and elsewhere in Sudan. The protests were sparked by the announcement of austerity measures by the ruling National Congress Party … Continue reading

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