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PhD student at Cambridge. Interested in local context and global affairs and the crossroads and misinterpretations between them.

The Complicated History of Democrats, Republicans, and Race in America

These three podcast episodes cover some of the very interesting history of how the Democratic and Republican parties have changed since the country’s founding, particularly in terms of how demographics shaped their support (or lack thereof) of abolition and, later, … Continue reading

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The Politics of Fat

We all “know,” culturally, that being fat is bad. But what does that mean, exactly? How do we know that? And what are the social effects of women being the primary focus of that moral judgment? Continue reading

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Podcasts and YouTube videos for Education

I listen to a lot of podcasts. A lot. I have a long commute and I travel a lot, and so I spend a lot of time walking — to and from home and train stations and airports and classes and … Continue reading

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In praise of awkwardness

Originally posted on rogermacginty:
Awkwardness …. Well it makes us feel a little awkward. Recently, I had a very interesting conversation with Elizabeth Saleh from the American University of Beirut. She talked about some research she has been conducting among…

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“Get Out” and Continuity

I have many thoughts about the recent film Get Out, as it is rife with all kinds of symbolism and brilliant social commentary. But for this post I just wanted to hone in on one thing: the concept of historical … Continue reading

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“Pro-life” Trump is engineering an American Kristallnacht

Originally posted on SIMCHA FISHER:
Here’s a ridiculous scenario: Imagine you drive a red car. One day, the mayor of your town says that, every week, he’s going to head over to the post office and pin up a list of people…

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One Man’s Reasons for Supporting the Women’s March on Washington

I recently shared a WaPo article with my brother Paul on Facebook, which was entitled “Men are slow to show support for the Women’s March. Is it considered unmasculine?” I wondered what he thought about this question. I asked him why … Continue reading

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The US elections (and their aftermath), covered as we do African elections

Originally posted on mohamed el dahshan. economist, writer, speaker, compulsive traveller.:
Had to be done (actually surprised it hasn’t already): Writing about the latest US elections like US media writes about African countries. **COUNTRY CRISIS WATCH** [insert CNN “breaking news” type…

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Of Course Poppies are Political

Originally posted on The Disorder Of Things:
As we approach Armistice Day, which comemmorates the end of World War One, the British media is awash with the usual froth about poppies: the badges sold by a veterans’ group, the Royal…

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Against the New Phrenology: De-Pathologizing Trumpism

Originally posted on The Disorder Of Things:
This is a guest post by Dan Boscov-Ellen. Dan is a Ph.D. student in Philosophy at the New School for Social Research and a Visiting Instructor in Social Science and Cultural Studies at Pratt…

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